Well, I have met everyone in the group, and I think it will be a nice trip. We went to Tom's and I purchased a watch, which I will break and fix many times over the course of the trip. I like to do that - to break watches and fix them, because I am a watchmaker, but also a watchbreaker and fixer. People pay me money to break their watches and then fix them. They say it's soothing or something. Like, hey, you're breaking something of mine, but now you're fixing it, and now it works! If only other things could be fixed!

On an interesting side note, I met Tom, the owner of Tom's General Store. I think I was the only one who met him, he approached me while I was in a far-off corner of the store looking at watches. He said it was nice to meet me and he thought it was great that a watchbreaker, fixer and maker was going on the Oregon Trail.


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