OMG, I am so excited. We met everyone who we're going out west with, and everyone seems super nice, but I don't think I like Jasmine. She is so clingy with Pablo. Like, she doesn't leave him alone. Pablo is quiet, but when I met him, he shook my hand and said "Hello, I am Pablo, I make watches, but sometimes I also break them and fix them." I was like, ok Pablo, whatever you say! LOL!!!!!!!!!

Then there's Zed. Zed is usually quiet, but when he talks he says important stuff. Like, Jebediah wanted to buy a certaint type of bullet for his musket, but Zed was like, no, don't buy that bullet, it will shatter into pieces when it hits the animal and it will be hard to eat. I think Jebediah felt embarassed, and I grabbed onto his hand so he wouldn't feel stupid, but he just got loose and walked away.

Oh, and one more CRAZY thing: I was sitting outside the store because it was mad stuffy in there, and who do I meet but Tom himself! He was such a nice man, and he told me how pretty I am and how I'll be the most beautiful actress in Oregon!

Well, gotta go!


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