Jack here. There are 3 really hot girls. One is married, she's blonde and has blue eyes and is always giggling and smiling. The other seems to be Mexican or something, she is dark and has a boyfriend who always talks about watches. The third, Beatrice, is the hottest lady I've ever seen. She is quiet but often praises Jesus, which is annoying. Praise Jesus on your own time. But anyway, I will definitely have sex with all 3 of them. There is another lady, but she has a buzz cut and carries an axe with her, so, uh, forget that.

We went to Tom's General Store for supplies, and that Tom character has quite a racket going. Actually met the guy. I was looking at socks and I saw some boxes moving. Then I heard someone whispering, and I could make out someone saying "over here, behind the boxes." It turns out it was Tom, he said he was hiding. What a freak. But the guy is really rich, so he can be as weird as he wants. Money. People talk about fundamental reality being particles, or the word of Jesus, or some mystical nothingness, but reality is the market, signified by money. When I am the richest man in Oregon I will have any woman I want and then I can sow my seed and Oregon will become the land of Jack and I will become one with the universe and then I'll never die and be able to have sex with hot women forever.

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