Today I was eating some buffalo wings in preparation for our trip (I'm sure we'll see some buffalo!). As I was eating I dripped some buffalo sauce on my foot, and I noticed my feet looked GROSS, so I spent all afternoon grooming my nails and rubbings scented oils on my feet. By the end my feet looked SOOO pretty. I hope Pablo notices.

This will be such a great trip! I am hoping it will bring Pablo and I even closer together, and maybe he will finally make me an honest woman! LOL! JK.

My sister died not too long ago. She had wanted to go to Oregon. I will be thinking of her the entire time and she will be in my heart! I know she'd be so happy to know I'm going to Oregon. This trip is for her!


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  1. Most likely Pablo's just going to examine you with his lens. I'd dump him.